You feel tired, flat, and if it was vitamin D?

A deficiency of vitamin D provides fatigue, depression and feelings of exhaustion. And deal with this symptom, but certainly banal handicap, it is not always easy to distinguish the cause. Signs, however, may be associated when the deficiency is severe. Recurrent infections due to a weakened immune system, tingling in the legs, cramps and decreased muscle tone.

I consume dairy products. Can I have a vitamin D deficiency?

Yes, absolutely. First, because dairy products are not the foods richest in vitamin D. And then the intake of this vitamin does not cover all daily needs. The rest is made by regular exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It has a fundamental role since exposure three times a week for lunch can cover more than 80 percent of daily needs!

And when there is no sun, particularly in winter?

Do not panic! Vitamin D is then stored in the adipose tissue. Clearly, there is a summer stock, on savings and winter draws on his woolen stockings. However, with age, the skin loses its ability to synthesize vitamin D which is why needs may increase.


Food sources

To cover all food needs vitamin D, eat a serving of salmon is ideal. Food rich in vitamin D, it is with oily fish in general as tuna, sardines, mackerel, an excellent source. Calf’s liver, mushrooms and egg also contains a good deal. And again against any misconception cheese, milk contain the same amount in less. This may explain nearly 80 percent of the population in France lack of this vitamin!

How do I know vitamin D deficiency?

A simple blood test determines whether there is deficiency. A value greater than 30 ng / ml is expected. Below there is insufficient and feel tired. With memory loss, difficulty reading and concentrating. Below 10 ng / ml the deficiency is severe, it may cause softening of bones and fractures.


Ampoule in drop or tablet form. Ampoule to make up for a deficiency of vitamin D. Drops or tablets supplements to provide adequate intake especially in winter. Vitamin D is essential for physical and mental fitness. Still face chronic fatigue, should think!