Anastacia , having defeated for the second time breast cancer , returns to talk about the disease, its long struggle, intervention, treatment, but also of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. The singer wants to use his experience and his world-renowned for sending a message loud and clear, but also of hope responsibilities to women, on the occasion of the month, just started, which is dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer.

The first “face to face” with the worst evil, cancer, Anastacia was in 2003. Operation, the radiation and the enemy seemed defeated. But, ten years later, in 2013, his worst nightmare has taken shape again. Breast cancer is back. A second time, a second operation, other treatments, the European concert tour canceled. Now, after eight months, Anastacia is better and, during the month of October , dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, wants to emphasize the importance of prevention, early diagnosis and timely treatment. Early diagnosis that, as she herself he said, saved her life twice.


Anastacia defeated breast cancer for the second time

Anastacia has defeated again, the breast cancer . Here’s the good news “chirp” by the singer herself via Twitter and bounced on all the international media. For the second time , the singer from the unmistakable voice, won his most difficult battle, one against the tumor, which in early 2013 had forced her to cancel all dates of his European tour.

The announcement of the healing

” I’m Cancer Free Forever “here is the short phrase with which the singer Anastacia announced to fans via twitter that he had defeated for the second time and, hopefully, forever, cancer. A phrase that sends a positive message of hope, and that Anastacia equipped with an image as eloquent. A hole taken in the recording studio in the company of its producers, John Fields and Jamie Hartaman. With the message has decreed the defeat of the disease and with the image of the return to his greatest passion, his life, music, the new album and, soon, the most prestigious stages around the world.

The sad news a few months ago

It is only a few months ago the sad news, bounced off the edge of the network, and announced in a brief statement on Facebook: “Anastacia unfortunately was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after defeating him with success in 2003.” The singer had announced to his many fans the disease , which affects one in ten women and that will force her to stay away from the stage and from the scene for a few months. He had canceled all tour, his “It’s a man’s world tour,” but he continued, as promised, the writing and recording of his new album, despite her diagnosis .