Home help, home day hospital, temporary foster care, as many solutions to make life easier for the entourage of Alzheimer patients.

Faced with the social phenomenon that is now the Alzheimer’s disease (860,000 persons concerned in France in 2007), we too often ignores the suffering and distress of the family circle. Night and day face the difficulties of daily life with a husband, a wife, a sick relative, the so-discreetly calls “helpers” through times of distress and depression understandable. But there are ways, sometimes unknown, to lighten the weight of this burden. Structures grow and multiply, preferably in large cities. Thus the workshops reminder that only a fraction of patients can have access. Lack of time, health staff often sparingly distributed information to families.

What to do when one is faced with this situation?

First, contact the General Council of his department to set up a folder of APA ( personal autonomy allowance). A nurse assessor will move the patient’s home to determine its level of dependence and its needs. Thus, after reviewing the case, a home help can be given daily for personal care (bathing, dressing). The hours will be calculated according to the degree of disability.


The home day hospital

Another possible solution when the disease progresses: the home in a day hospital. Once a week, patients are cared for in specialist units, often located in homes, where they participate in various activities. This form of hospitality is a way to relieve a little helpers, while stimulating the sick by the music , drawing, games, cooking. You should know however that places are rare and must be registered on a waiting list. Again, financial assistance may be granted under the APA. For a list of institutions that have such units, check with the Association France Alzheimer your area. It is important to make a request to obtain the status of disabled adults in your area MDPH (departmental homes of disabled people). Some benefits may depend on it, including transportation.

Holidays for carers or for patients

Another way to help caregivers is to allow them to leave a few days off. There are structures that can take over and care for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease: holiday centers, foster homes. Some holiday centers for patients themselves are also beginning to emerge. If necessary, the social worker in your area will assist you in your efforts and provide information on all forms of existing aid.