How to replace the best eggs for those who can not take them up, in order to have a balanced diet anyway.

The eggs : beloved, but just as much hate. It is a food particularly present in our diet that, at times, some for real health reasons can not eat it, actually finds himself still in the pot. eggs and their composition is very rich and interesting, considering that the white part, or egg white, is especially rich in protein, while the red, that the yolk is rich in lipids and in it there is also the infamous cholesterol. Many of us, either by an endogenous production of cholesterol is too high, either because of a diet too rich, have levels of cholesterol in the blood above the acceptable parameters reason that causes them, or rather compels them, to structure a type of power careful and thoughtful in terms of lipid. In this case, the eggs are to watch, as indeed make a fair amount of cholesterol. The consideration is that the eggs are “hidden” in many products, just think of biscuits, to pasta, to snacks , sauces, mayonnaise, and behold, in reality, for how hard you try to consume only two a week, the quantity is easily overcome.


What can we then take in an alternative to eggs ? There are several possibilities.

The legumes are a good alternative to eggs: rich in protein, with an amino acid composition that is well matched and integrates to that of pasta or rice. That’s why follow what is already in ancient times and wisely did our grandmothers is correct: some nice pasta and legumes soups, stews perfect and balanced, capable of giving the body everything it needs in one single dish, Starting from these proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc.Another alternative to eggs is certainly represented by soy , which is always a legume, but it presents commercially under various “styles”:

* Milk, for breakfast
* Scythe noodles, as a first
* Tofu, such as cheese
* Soy stew or meatballs, as a second
* The shoots, as an ingredient to add to salad
* Soy sauce for seasoning
* Ice cream for dessert

All of these alternatives presented are united by the total absence of cholesterol and for this reason are proposed for diets where you fight, or trying to prevent all those problems related to poor circulation, poor operation of the heart, etc. Of course, the meat and fish , when taken according to a correct and equivalent, may replace the eggs, but remember that these foods, since all of animal origin, will bring in a different way also a certain amount of fat and cholesterol.