In women, as in humans, rather than allergy to the condom in particular, you should talk, more generally, are allergic to latex. of allergy to the material in which the majority of condoms are made. The symptoms are very annoying, hardly ignorable, and, in some cases, evolve into real serious ailments and worrisome. To better understand what it is and also what to do in case it occurs, here is some useful information.

A growing phenomenon

An allergy to latex, you can decline even as the female condom allergy, recorded an increase in the incidence rate increasing. The blame? This increase in people who suffer from latex allergy is mainly related to increased use of this material in many everyday items, from gloves to cushion up to the mattress .

For this reason, those most at risk, who are more likely to develop latex allergy are those who most frequently use latex products. An example? The health care providers , that use everyday latex gloves are more aware of the substance. The allergy to the condom is nothing that the excessive response of the immune system to certain proteins in latex. As in all other forms allergic, also in this case the immune system perceives the latex as a danger and defends triggering the allergic reaction.


The symptoms

The symptoms, that is, the most obvious manifestations of allergic reaction to contact with the condom from the woman, can be immediate or delayed . In the first case, occur immediately, or nearly so, in about an hour, in the second case within 24-72 hours. Fall within the symptoms of this form of allergic intimate itching, redness, discomfort, skin rash of varying extent, urticaria and general malaise. In severe cases, the greatest risk is the prophylactic shock , which requires timely medical intervention.

What to do?

The first thing to do if you suspect you have an allergy to condoms, latex, for the woman who does, is to immediately consult your doctor to make any investigation of the case and diagnose with certainty the nature of disorder allergic. Diagnosed allergy, however, there is much to do, actually. There is no cure or treatment termination miraculous. The only winning strategy to avoid the appearance of allergic reactions is to avoid contact with latex. This does not mean giving up protected and safe sex: condoms just choose hypoallergenic , the condoms made ​​of polyurethane, readily available in pharmacies.