Healthy and balanced diet is the basis for our well-being. But even for high-quality food is: The body can not tolerate everything equally well.

The intolerance to various foods, however, is a quite common phenomenon, while true food allergies are less frequently encountered than expected.

Allergies: antibody as cause

A food allergy is only present when the immune system of certain, usually quite harmless food components recognized as foreign and dangerous, and their defense is large quantities of antibodies. Violent reactions to the skin (rash, swelling) and on the mucous membranes (respiratory distress, watery eyes), and gastrointestinal complaints are the result. In extreme cases, eating an allergenic food lead to a circulatory shock.


To recognize the triggers and to delete it from the menu, so can sometimes be life saving. In less severe cases, the unpleasant symptoms can thus be removed immediately. But often the real causes are difficult to identify and hidden in foods that we eat very often to us. A variety of foods contain as wheat, milk or egg. Those who do not tolerate these agents, they can usually still enjoy with caution, so consume in small quantities. True allergies should take the ingredients of a product but a closer look at the case of an outbreak and give all his pleasure. Is the evil polluters using skin tests and blood tests have been medically determined, a drug treatment weaken the allergic symptoms. A long-term solution but can be achieved only through sacrifice.

Food intolerance

Food intolerances, allergies produce similar symptoms, such as real with themselves, so they are colloquially as the “allergies”. People who suffer from an intolerance and a taste of the responsible food still can not quite want to give, at best, but curbed his appetite, but give at least occasionally. The body reacts very strongly even at low levels, but also helps in this case, only strict restraint.
Intolerances to food components can result from on the one hand mental dislikes against certain foods.

Second, they are based in many cases, physical causes. Absence of the body’s enzymes to digest a component necessary, he sounds the alarm. A typical example of a commonly occurring enzyme deficiency, the lactose intolerance Allergic reactions to dar. the cereal protein gluten, fructose, and histamine to be just as widespread. These forms of intolerance can be diagnosed relatively easily, but are no less serious than a true allergy. For those looking for the often difficult to identify triggers of allergic reactions initially healthy diet is helpful.

Who pays attention to his habitual diet developed faster an awareness of what substances he can take himself and what he should omit and replace them with others better. With sufficient knowledge of one’s body may have a brief look at the back of the pack of suspicious products to prevent the bags put at the end full of bad surprises. Familiarize yourself repeatedly striking hypersensitivity to certain foods noticeable, is finally seek urgent medical advice.