Given that no one accepts with pleasure the bites of these insects that make it very often, summer evenings a kind of game to massacre between hives and itching. Here are some of the people with which it occurs, you are concerned about allergic symptoms and need to know what is the best remedy for their sensitivity to mosquito bites much worse, thanks to the feedback.

When you are allergic to mosquitoes

More than allergic to mosquitoes, you are allergic to its stings. In particular, it is called an allergy to mosquito bites if you experience an abnormal reaction and exaggerated when they hit. But it depends on what? Not from the mosquito itself, but from some of the components that annoying insect injects into the skin when it stings. Just to go into detail, the allergic reaction can be attributed, in terms of cause and effect, to a particular antigen contained in the saliva of the mosquito, that the insect uses as a vehicle to thin the blood and suck more easily from its “prey”.


The visible symptoms

When a person is allergic to mosquito bites is difficult not to notice, because the symptoms are prominent and visible. The wheal, a normal consequence of the puncture of the insect, is considerably more extensive than normal, affecting a wider area than the bite itself. The swelling of the skin, characterized by an important and redness extended, it can last for several days, up to one week. Sometimes, then, in addition to itching and discomfort may occur other systemic symptoms, such as fever and malaise. Much more rare, however, other consequences and reactions respirator, such as asthma.

Treatment and prevention

If the most effective cure is the usual recommended in case of allergies, that is based on antihistamines, even the most useful tips are not big news. Above all, it is recommended to play in advance, or at least try. In fact, prevention is the best weapon to keep out the problem. Prevent bites, then groped to put into practice all the useful tricks to keep at a safe distance mosquitoes. Yes, but how? Avoid staying too moist environments and locations. Always protecting the skin with a specific repellent, maybe even hundred percent natural, based citronella and geranium, for example. Preferring neutral detergent, not too perfumed creams and light clothing made ​​of natural fabrics and breathable, because strong odors such as sweat are likely to be real magnet for mosquitoes.