Allergy to the Christmas tree, impossible? Not really. Although the fir, that the tree used as Christmas tree par excellence, in the family Pinaceae, is not by definition bearer “unhealthy” allergens like many others like them, the allergic reactions triggered, more or less directly, from the tree decked to the nines for Christmas can not be excluded, indeed. Here is some useful information to understand what are the symptoms to watch out for and what to do .


All symptoms and causes

The symptoms are typical of respiratory allergies. The nose gets runny, the sneezing are inexplicably frequent and repetitive. The eyes become red, the tearing is more abundant. But who can blame you, really, the Christmas tree.
The fir tree, brought it home and dressed up to the nines, with decorations and garlands, decorations and accessories of all kinds, on the occasion of the holiday season can be the cause of the allergic reaction in essentially two ways. Can trigger the respiratory symptoms directly or, on the contrary, be the cause of discomfort and sneezing in an indirect way. Can, in practice, be the primary cause of allergy or just be the unwitting vehicle of other allergens .

In the first case is all about pollen. Pollini, accomplices resins and shape of the fir tree, can get caught between the branches, leaves and needles for most months of the year, despite the bloom is between May and June.
In the second case, however, the finger is to bet against dust and mold. Dust and mold, allergens can trigger violent allergic reactions, which may, accomplices years and deposits in damp cellars and in open boxes, to nestle on ornaments and decorations, then get rid, once dressed up properly in the tree house, in households. It is in this way that the allergens in question are able to “attack” the ‘ respiratory allergy sufferers kicking off sneezing, watery eyes, and various hassles.

What to do

Not much to do but the same things that are done in the presence of any kind of allergic reaction. Trying to counteract the most bothersome symptoms with antihistamines. In addition, then, better lift away, the potential culprits. Better to prefer artificial Christmas trees, to pack and sprinkle with care. And, just as better, clean decorations and decorations carefully before using them.