Allergies are exaggerated reactions of the immune system to harmless environmental stimuli per . This solves a substance such as pollen, a vigorous immune response of the body, because it is the immune system mistakenly interpreted as a threat. An allergic reaction can occur only when the body was aware of a certain substance, that is not the first contact with the allergen.

Affected by allergy symptoms are usually the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract. When feared anaphylactic shock, the whole body reacts to an allergen. It may fail and circulatory organs, so can be fatal anaphylactic shock. Allergies are usually treated with antihistamines. These are drugs that suppress the allergic reaction. In very severe cases but can be more appropriate desensitisation. In this treatment the body is constantly confronted with the allergen, until he set himself the “used” has.


Why develop allergies is still unclear. Currently prevailing theory that became extinct due to excessive hygiene many harmless bacteria in our daily life, so that the immune system is not simply “too busy”. Using a similar argument will also decrease the parasite ary diseases occasionally made ​​responsible for allergies. The increasing pollution will be an additional factor in the spread of allergies. It is undisputed that there is a hereditary predisposition for allergies is that children with allergic parents have an even greater risk of developing allergies than other children.

It makes sense in any case, avoid contact with the allergen completely, or at least so far as it goes. Especially with the house dust mites is difficult, since you now, sooner or later have to go home. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for almost any allergies, how to avoid the particular allergen as much as possible. If neither bring the avoidance of the allergen or medication assistance must have an immunotherapy should be considered.