Sometimes our body responds in an exaggerated manner against our exposure to outside agents still if they are not a hazard to our health. Despite what most people think, allergies not only manifest in our skin and may influence any of our bodies. For example the lungs asthma and airways the sinuses allergic rhinitis intestines some diarrhea and even muscles joints or eyes conjunctivitis.

Allergies and a natural remedy for them

The age groups that increasingly often experience allergic reactions are the elderly and children. The latter suffer since in many cases are rapidly introduced into your diet to which your body is not ready yet. Furthermore, adults can suffer allergies to try new fruits tubers and other foods, which until now were unidentified to our body and in specific cases that may be the basis of new allergies.

Despite every allergy entails a different treatment the protein contained in the quail eggs are one of the best allergy. Exist in the world one of the likely remedies based on such food is as follows. The primary morning we take a quail egg yolk, the second morning two, three so to nine. Off This way for 18 days we will take this remedy that has no side effects and is also delicious. Children can also take it can add some sugar to sweeten the taste.

Side effects of using deodorants

Many investigations relate to this beauty product as used by men and women. It is that customers do not put us to examine how they are composed and use the same with no knowing that they can cause severe skin problems for example. Most brands use aluminum hydrochloride called as aluminum salts, which cover our pores avoiding that can “breathe” blocking sweat.