Allergic asthma, an increasingly frequent problem. A disease that is exacerbated in the spring and that is soaring in adults as in children. To better understand and recognize this annoying enemy of health, here is some useful information on the symptoms, the treatment and natural remedies to combat it.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Allergic asthma is an inflammatory disease that affects the bronchial tree and is manifested by some typical symptoms are easily recognizable. First of all, difficulty in breathing , accompanied by cough , especially at night, at first dry and then insistent and catarrh, tightness in the chest, and the most typical symptom of asthma of all, that is the wheezing . In addition to the observation of symptoms and the clinical examination for a correct diagnosis is used in testing laboratory, such as spectrometry performed at baseline and after use of a broncho dilator, which is based on using a particular tool capable of evaluating the amount of air that passes through the respiratory system and to check any resistance. To unmask allergic asthma, spectrometry and serves to identify the causes, however, it is appropriate to perform skin prick test for allergens . These tests are very sensitive and will help to clarify the origin of the symptoms: are made ​​by applying a drop of allergen extract on the skin, usually in the forearm, and then pricking the area with a special needle, in case of allergy, the point concerned occurs within 20 minutes, a wheal reddened and itchy.


The causes and prevention

The allergens against which to point the finger in case of allergic asthma are different from pollen that trigger allergic reactions especially in the spring , the cat hair until the mites dust. To reduce the risk of being hit by the crisis of allergic asthma, better focus on prevention, avoiding smoking , both active and passive, counteracting overweight and obesity, which can adversely affect respiratory capacity, making the house mite-proof or, in the case you are allergic to dogs and cats, avoiding direct contact with pets.

The cures and natural remedies

To counter the attack of acute allergic asthma are useful corticosteroids. It may be useful, in addition, the specific desensitizing vaccine, administered subliminally or via subcutaneous injections. As natural allies against asthma allergic in nature there are the ginkgo Bilbao and liquorice, the expectorant properties, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, as well as blackcurrant and Santana, very useful anti-inflammatory effect.