Although alcoholism is recognized as an illness and fought as such it is, especially for women, taboo and stigma.

If alcohol is a strong cultural heritage in Europe and France, alcoholism is a chronic disease listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and considered a major public health problem.

A few figures

In France, alcoholism, that is to say binge and regular alcohol, kills over 45,000 people a year (either directly or indirectly). This is the second leading cause of preventable death in the country. Although women are less affected than men at all ages, there is a male mortality 2-5 times higher (figures Health Barometer 2000). But female alcoholism is undervalued and poorly tracked.

The biological inequality of man and woman with alcohol

# Addicted to alcohol faster: for psychological reasons but also physical. With the same amount absorbed, the blood alcohol is higher in women, because it dissolves so well in a lower muscle mass. The Disposal is also delayed. This means that a woman will be faster with a dependent lower amount of alcohol.
# Complications more frequent: the time of the occurrence of liver cirrhosis is an average of 15 years in men and 10 years in women with less consumption. The latter develops advantage of polyneuropathy, alcoholic hepatitis, neurological alterations.
# Alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.
# The risks to the fetus and child: maternal alcoholism is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation of newborns in the West.


Nevertheless, the biological factor of addiction must be qualified. Each profile is different. Anyway, man or woman, there is a real danger from the moment where people eat to feel better.

Social inequality between men and women with alcohol dependence

Long time, alcoholism was considered a problem only male. Therefore, the emancipation of women is not for nothing in the development of alcohol addiction: easier access to products, a greater freedom of action, a professional activity more intense and stressful, a social role to be redefined, etc.Essentially solitary, female pattern of consumption is also related to the eyes of society on drunkenness. If Alcohol is tolerated in humans, perceived as friendly, due to the encounter and fun, the image of the woman who drinks even bother repugnant. Although women also frequent the bars, discos and parties, but most often at home they alcoolisent, alone and in secret, away from the eyes of the world. In the evening when the curtain falls, they are no longer the yuppie moms or those hyperactive. Alcohol is not festive, it is moral distress.

The causes of female alcoholism and support

A woman of 20 would face the problem of addiction on the rise in recent years. As in men, there are factors related to biology, family history or social difficulties. The highlight among the female population is dependent on being evil and psycho problems. 80% of them suffer from depression and drink for healing. Often active, more women in positions of responsibility and high social status, they are more sensitive to alcohol. Refuge against stress, cure for managing multiple occupations, they drink to unwind.

The treatments involve medication and psychological support. The latter is particularly vital for women often depressed, feel guilty, having a very negative image of herself. In addition to consultations classics, today there are times and places reserved for women. The call type associations Alcoholics Anonymous can also be very useful to free speech. At club level too, the only time women are increasing. On the Internet, many forums allow women to share with each other. The female alcoholism is a disease that develops in secret and he must learn to detect not to let this woman, this mother, this wife sink into loneliness and suffering.