The woman is the most helpless victim of AIDS. Who thinks, thanks to ignorance and lack of information, that AIDS is only a problem of “different”, who leads a strange life, with habits and vices far from normal, wrong, and a lot. He is wrong because “diversity” is only the mirror of injury, but also wrong because the infection by HIV is transmitted in most cases during unprotected sex . And it is more and more often, meetings promiscuous, but “trivial” intimacy between stable partners, including boyfriends, partners, husbands and wives. Even in so-called normal couples can happen, and how. That is why it is crucial to emphasize the importance of the protection of women, the prevention of infection with HIV for women .


HIV, the infection is a risk for all

Quickly disproved the belief that AIDS is a risk only for others and never for themselves, clarify that, in addition to the fact that HIV infection is a real danger to all those who have a sex life, women often victims are unaware of the infection . In Italy every year are calculated over three thousand new HIV infections more than 800 are women and 80% of AIDS is contracted through unprotected sexual intercourse. If it is true that they are the men to be most affected by the infection, it is equally undeniable (but perhaps few know this) that the most at risk are women. Want to conformation of the female genitalia, more prone to attack by virus, either by conviction not to be afraid intimacy with their partner firm, partner, boyfriend or husband who is, you want that too often do not have the courage to ask the other to use the condom. The reasons are different, the reality is only one: AIDS is also a woman and in many, too many cases, the infection occurs within the walls of the house, because of a betrayal not confessed to an affair her husband’s unspoken.

The World Day and the campaign for women

The December 1, 2013, as every year, we celebrate the World Day against AIDS. A day to reflect, to inform and inquire, but not only. The initiatives to raise awareness and provided information throughout the world, including Italy, are not confined to a single day, indeed. From 18 November to 8 December 2013, you can contribute (with a text message of solidarity to the number 45505) to LILA campaign in support of the project ” Woman-protection for women. “Testimonial of the initiative, which has as its objective to increase awareness among the female population and to promote the adoption of behaviors (sexual and otherwise) more secure, it is the TV presenter Elena Ciocco.