Ten minutes and ten years younger, youth in the key. The hyaluronic acid in the service of beauty for losing wrinkles and other facial imperfections.

Women refuse to grow old and want to stay beautiful, if possible, without going through the box of plastic surgery. There is still some time, it was utopian. We had to admit to have surgery, the stress, anesthesia, pain, waiting for a result that was not always that expected and pay, in addition, quite a tidy sum. Today, it is quite otherwise. The era of the scalpel could be over as a new technique, with an unpronounceable name, made its appearance: the filling of wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles or nasolabial folds (around the nose) by injection of hyaluronic acid. Called here the new cosmetic medicine. It is revolutionary, and offices of the medical practitioner “miracle” are always full.

But what is it exactly?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a molecule which, despite its strange name, is neither more nor less than a component of our skin that retains water in its lower layer. It moisturizes, plumps and provides it to an immediate wrinkle smoothing effect. The face is smooth. Injections of this product provide a second youth in the face and skin. It is hypoallergenic, and its duration of effectiveness is in the range of 6 to 12 months as it is, and more biodegradable. One used by dermatologists or doctors is synthetic and resembles nothing so much as that of humans, and finally, it strengthens the tissues and gives the famous shot of freshness familiar to followers of the facelift.


How does it work?

Or the injections, gel-based, are practiced in a few minutes in the skin tissue or dermis. The needles used are very thin, which makes medical procedure virtually painless. It requires no general anesthesia, at most, for some parts of the face (especially around the mouth where the area is a bit more fragile) an anesthetic cream to lidocaine.


Face as a whole has become the favorite area for this type of intervention: it plumps up lips, fill fine lines and wrinkles (even more pronounced), it erases the furrows around the nose and on each side of the mouth we redraw the contours of the chin, and it reduces or eliminates dark circles and puffiness, basically all the face can be restructured.

The most

For purists, the result is immediate and can return to his duties immediately. Only a few redness persist, but they fade quickly, the time that the product fits. For best results, there are about ten days. Ideal for chilly the scalpel, the fearful and cozy, but especially ideal because it works, and the result is spectacular. Can be repeated indefinitely, with no real cons-indications except in very particular to do with the practitioner. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that the exfoliation of skin defects is not final and it will fade with time.

The least (if we must find one)

The only downside, perhaps, cost. 200 to 300 euros, it varies depending on the care, the number of injections and type of hyaluronic acid used, but we must learn and, as always, go through a professional of this new medicine, storefront. And then, one thing is sure, that would not we not be the best!