The best conditions for a cancer cure is achieved through early detection. A self-test does so in a few easy steps possible.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Western countries. Almost one in ten women is affected by this diagnosis. The largest risk group are women over 35 years here.
If the disease is detected early, the women can be cured in most cases. In addition to regular visits to the doctor woman wearing a thorough “self study” a major contribution to recognition. According to a study that is 80% of women feel for a breast cancer disease itself .


What you need to beware of and how breast cancer is expressed in the early stages is explained in more detail below:

¤The self-test should be performed before a large mirror and good lighting.
¤The first thing you should be the size and shape of their breasts, from the front and side, check and check for possible changes of the skin and nipples.
¤If you fold your hands loosely behind your head and move your arms should follow the movement of the breasts.
¤Breast changes can also be muscle by tensing the chest (you lift your hands firmly on her hips) were detected.

¤To examine the nipples pressing the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Pay attention to the possible escape of secretion and on its color and texture.
¤An important point to detect breast cancer are those areas of the breast, which are located near the armpits. To do this easily with buttons from stroking movements, the lymph nodes of any changes.

In any case, you should contact a doctor if:

• You notice a change in breast shape, size and mobility
• hardened tissue or nodules are seen
• Make changes in the skin (especially around the nipple), find
• Your breasts reddened and your nipples are inflamed and / or have a rough, eczema-like surface
• You find unilateral bloody or watery discharge from the nipple
• enlarged lymph nodes at the edge of the breast or in the armpits are felt

It is important to note however that not all discovered nodes must be malicious. Observed changes may also have benign causes.