The most fulfilled people are able to control their own emotions, they fail to act without first considering the consequences of any actions reckless. In this way, the advantages are many: self-control grows and maintain stronger relationships at work and in life.

Learning how to manage their emotions is not always a natural gift, but you can learn by following a few rules. It is important that people have self-control in life because in this way you have a better inner balance and even personal relationships are affected positively. Increased self-esteem who has mastered himself and his emotions generally believed that what happens in life does not depend on case, but the ability to handle situations with clarity, without committing errors of judgment and assessment typically dictated impulsiveness. The self-esteem , in turn, allows you to make the best choices in every area of life, while the lack of self-confidence leads to settle in the most negative sense of the term. Caring loving relationships who possesses self-control is more likely to last a long time a romance and a marriage because normally also has a providential art to defuse , not to sulk and be conciliatory. helps in the work The advantages of self-control, there is also the image that you give of themselves at work, control emotions pays the jurisdiction because it conveys an image of reliability and authority.


However, those who always acts on instinct can arouse suspicion or otherwise lack of consideration. In the collective imagination, in fact, only those who know how to keep control of itself can be a true leader. Rather, when someone irritates us, it is best to get away for a few minutes and dissolve the emotional tension; then turn to it as if we were outside observers. In this way it is easier to hold off negative reactions, displacing the other person calmly. And you have self-control? order to understand if you are equipped with self-control tries to answer yes or no to these simple questions.

1. You know immediately give the right name for your any sudden Excited and?
2. If you grasp the ‘anxiety unexpectedly know how to overcome the crisis within a few minutes?
3. Can you avoid bursting into tears?
4. Can you drive out a bad thought which appears unexpected?
5. Can you resist the urge to react badly to a challenge ?