Parenting is one of the greatest responsibilities that a person can take. After raising children from birth to adulthood, most parents expect to have a lasting relationship with their adult children. Unfortunately, circumstances sometimes arise when an adult child chooses to ignore their parents. These situations can often hurt feelings and emotions, but parents can try to rebuild a relationship with an adult child away.

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Write a letter to your child

Send your child a handwritten to express your feelings of loss about the current state of the relationship chart. When you write, do not judge or blame anyone. Write to your child about the bond they had when I was younger and how you want to rekindle the relationship. States that are willing to listen to your feelings about the situation and want to start from scratch again.

Wait for an answer. Let your child take the time needed to process your letter and decide how you feel about your message.

Supports the decision of your child. If you choose not to rebuild a relationship with you, understands you’ve done all you can do. You have expressed your feelings for him as well as your hopes for the future. As an adult, your child must not be in contact with you. If you decide to connect with you, start with small steps and let him set the parameters. Ask you like to do next. Dale space while taking this decision for no compelling results.

Get support from friends, religious leaders and therapy sessions, if possible. Talk about your feelings with those with whom you feel comfortable. Understand that to be a loving father with a grown son, you can not host any guilt about your relationship. Focus on hope for the future.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember that once you’ve contacted your adult child, you can not control your decision.As much as it hurts you, it is he who will decide whether to have a relationship with you. Forcing a relationship can create feelings of resentment and tension. Support your child to understand that regardless of what is happening, you still care.