Addiction, how to overcome it, the rehab through the 12 steps to forgiveness and life after treatment.

Nothing is easier than judging. Society quick to condemn people who step forward. But if, instead of judging, we try to understand, would it not be easier to help those we are reaching or prevent our youth from falling into these traps? Trying to highlight, with the help of a former addict who has generously shared with us his descent, but especially his courageous back to a healthier life.

Family environment

We often feel that addicts come from poor families and dysfunctional. Here, it is not the case. Born into a wealthy family and loving, she spent the first twenty-four years of his life without worries. Teenager, she was engaged in several sports, and drug use was not part of his universe.

Falling into the hell of addiction

What has been pushing the young woman in a medium which was then unknown? As in many cases, a meeting was at the root of his troubles. His encounter with a bar owner, a follower of cocaine, marijuana, etc. was decisive. It was only after six months of dating she yielded to temptation, first by curiosity, experimenting cocaine for recreational purposes. This period lasted one year. The reasons that drove her to drink changed the day the violence began in part as verbal and physical violence. It is to escape the violence that increased consumption and, from that moment, all escaped him. Cocaine became the only escape for her, the only way to make life more bearable.


The trigger

Its descent to hell was introduced by a meeting, but luckily, it is also an encounter between her future husband, that her back was initiated. There are people who are a blessing in life. Their life together was first lived in the illusion of a normal life. She hid her consumption with some skill. However, with time and cost of drugs, it became increasingly difficult not to arouse suspicion. Following the disappointing discovery, her husband, with the participation of his family, the confrontation, leaving him virtually no alternative. She had to undergo a detox. Unwilling to lose everything and relieved to escape the lies, she accepted. The time had come for her to regain control.


From the moment a person decides to go to rehab, what can she expect? The days are similar, beginning early in the morning with breakfast, followed by a household, in order to get used to normal life, a concept often lost in the consumption period. The day also includes two periods devoted to workshops, interspersed with a meal period and cleaning (pick up the tables, washing dishes, etc).

The workshops dates are based on 12 steps of AA , adapted here for addicts. After supper, there is a period of relaxation during which the activities vary from night to night, ranging from watching a movie followed by discussions around the issue in meetings with members of Alcoholics Anonymous groups or Narcotics Anonymous. At the end of therapy is the moving ceremony, celebrating the success of the therapy, which involves the close victory. It is with great pride, but also with fear, as the therapy ends.

Accessibility to drugs

The treatment center provides a safe environment where temptations are removed, the time of therapy and withdrawal. What happens when the fruit of old vices becomes available? It is thanks to the support of the entourage, the strength, courage, and tools obtained during the cure, it is possible to resist the temptation.

The social circle

The pitfalls are many of relapse. The social circle is one of size. Not easy to avoid falling into those old habits when alongside the same people. And turn your back on some of the people considered friends may seem difficult but also constitutes an essential step to success.

The secret of success

By understanding the cause of addiction it becomes possible to prevent relapse. Good management of emotions is paramount. Accept addiction as a disease, which we reached in life and we must fight every day, like finding may seem dark, but, as soon as this concept is considered, it is easier to organize its life to avoid the pitfalls.