The acne in adults? By definition, pimples, blacks & Co are a kind of condemnation for most teenagers, but in reality there is also a good share of adults who, stored for years, puberty finds himself, against his will, to do again deal with these nasty blemishes. Why? Here are 5 good, but not too much, the reasons why acne affects also the more mature skin, with a predilection for middle-aged women.

It is real acne

In 50% of cases, according to official statistics, inflammatory pimples and blemishes are just the manifestation of the most obvious and typical acne true that occurs in middle-aged women as an especially unfortunate consequence of fluctuations and hormonal imbalances unexpected. To control acne, in these cases, the specialist recommended hormone treatments and topical treatments of corticosteroids.


Blame the war anti-aging

Anti-aging rhymes with pimples and skin blemishes? Not always, but in some cases, unfortunately yes. It seems that some useful treatments to counter the signs of aging, giving the skin more hydration and brightness, also involves some risks, such as occlusion of the skin pores and the formation of pimples and impurities. To avoid these side effects, which are likely to frustrate all efforts, better choose carefully creams and cleansers, focusing on those with no oil and no ingredients that can worsen the situation, such as lanolin or alcohol.

It is not acne

The skin is red and purulent imperfections, but it is not acne rather than a peripheral dermatitis, a form of rosacea common in middle-aged women. In these cases, better consult your dermatologist to get a specific therapy.

Blame stress

The stress , you know, is the main responsible for the problems of modern man. Even when it comes to skin and pimples. Accomplices emotional tension, stress, fatigue and unbalanced diet, the skin may rebel with evidence showing large and small reactions to the face and neck, for example. In this case, in addition to topical treatments for inflammation may be useful to follow a proper diet rich in healthy foods , fluids and fiber, but low in fat, calories and irritants.

More mirror, the more damage

More time to spend in front of the mirror? Good, because it means more time to devote to the care of the skin, but bad if it means more time to torture every little imperfection. With the ‘ age advancing the renewal of skin cells is slower each little scar takes longer to heal unsightly visible results.