Abortion facts, Europe bowl Italy and accuses her of violating women’s right to free access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy. The law that gives full right of choice for women’s, is the number 194 of 1978, but the law often seems to be only on paper. Europe wand Italy because of the growing number of objectors, which according to the Council of Europe is likely to prevent the correct application of the rule of law, in violation of the rights of Italian women.

If abortion or, rather, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy is a woman’s right, because they can not all make that choice freely in all public health facilities? According to the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe, the blame can be attributed to conscientious objection, a choice too widespread among gynecologists in the Bel Parse. A choice of doctors is taken in accordance with the law, a law of health care that Italians however, is likely to harm another law, that of women to have abortions. For this reason, the Council of Europe has expressed, with 13 votes in favor and one against, with regard to the application submitted in November 2012 by the CGIL and other associations, such as the NGO International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network (IPPF).


Too many objectors, which according to the European authorities graze in some Italian regions 70%, and too limited margin of choice for women. This European decision reaffirms that the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, in spite of all the personal opinions as possible, it is a fundamental right and incontrovertible for women who have the freedom to choose for themselves and their body.

The Ministry of Health Italian, however, does not agree and said in a statement: “In Italy, the workload of gynecologists not objectors in the last thirty years has halved from 3.3 abortions per week in 1983 to the current 1.7. It seems difficult, in the face of such data to argue that the large number of conscientious objectors is a barrier to access to IVG. The ministry, however, has already begun, with the regions, which involves monitoring every healthcare facility where it could potentially be a Ivg access, as well as each individual clinic : the data collection sheets, agreed upon as part of a technical ministry regions, have already been sent to the individual regions, which are being developed. The ministry will consider whether it is appropriate to provide this information, however, public bodies, the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe, to rebuttal.