The face is the mirror of our mind. It reflects the image of our life, our well-being, but over the years and genetic factors acting in his fading pace, face lifts can reverse this trend and thus strengthen the trust capital of the person. The lift face rejuvenates your skin glow 20 years and gives him a real shot of vivacity and freshness. The facelift repairs vagaries of time by reducing your wrinkles and restoring your face shine and tone.
For people who want to revitalize their looks, ideal and very simple Botox, it quickly eliminates frown lines, sporadic stretch marks can become permanent, this product helps to relax the facial muscles and smooth lines. The advantage of Botox is that it is a treatment that usually takes less than an hour and patients begin to see noticeable improvements within a few days.

And for those who wish to refresh their face, hyaluronic acid is the solution, it is a product composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules, it has the effect of ensuring better safety profile. This acid is injected intermediately, it is intended to fill wrinkles, especially to erase or correct the surface wrinkles, the treatment of wrinkles around the lips, forehead, can also be used to add volume to the cheeks when they are hollow and fill dark circles.


Results are very apparent a sense of rejuvenation, it is easy to adopt, a bang, a bright face and revive gesture.
Some parts of our face such as cartilaginous parts, especially the nose continues although at a perceptible growth lifetime rate, giving a special appearance and advanced to face over the years or you already have a pronounced hump, a small deviation can certainly act on the self-image.

In order to keep a nice nose proportional to the rest of the face, nose correction: Change the size and / or shape seems to be the best solution, rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure designed to correct these imperfections.
Well done, the correction of the nose is not a problem. However, there is a procedure, the nose will probably blocked the first two days. Improving the shape of the nose is quickly visible. But the final results appear after a few months from the disappearance of the swelling and the result will be even better.