The secrets of dreaming – what a dream, why and how it is caused, is still one of the great mysteries of human life.

That a sufficient and balanced sleep for both the physical and the mental health requirement is not new. Also new is not that everyone slips at night in a dream world, even if some claims, he would not dream of. The alleged non-dreamer is simply no memory of his dreams. What dreams are good? Sigmund Freud compared dreams with symptoms of psychosis: In sleep we fly, to flee from danger, are afraid of precipices, which are in death crash coming, but not from the spot. And when we finally take full possession of the panic and we do not know what else to do, we just start screaming.

Meet like scientists know what the purpose of such dreams. They are, however, before a larger problem. Meanwhile, it is possible to measure the brain activity to distinguish between the different phases of sleep: light and deep sleep phases alternate with the so-called REM (from English Rapid Eye Movement ) from. Which means that the eyes move rapidly with closed lids. Shows activity in the brain at any stage of sleep, in REM sleep, however it is more active than when awake. Those periods are reported as the most intense dream phases suspected. The dreams themselves remain hidden from the researchers, however, despite the latest technology and procedure.


Dream images

Why the human brain, and probably also that of animals , dream images are produced, the researchers explain in rather different ways. Impressive so far is none of their theories. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams of fulfillment of secret desires to serve, the fulfillment in reality would not be appropriate under certain circumstances. A large majority believes that dreams for the processing and resolution of problems contribute to everyday life and give emotional experiences of their place and mood balance. There is also the view that the unconscious has a creative power, and could thus contribute to a new in various areas of human life. Other hypotheses suggest that the brain through the REM sleep mature, as evidenced by the increased proportion of REM in newborns could be supported. Some scientists even claim that the dream is merely a relic of evolution and have no function. Speaking against, however, that the dream for the mental health is essential.

Bad dreams and dream interpretation

Accident takes place in the dream a bigger role than luck , negative feelings are more common than positive ones. That this is so is related to the fact that dreams are a mechanism of the unconscious, to assimilate their experiences and related fears. pleasant feelings and experienced a pleasant way, however do not require processing, at least not in this way. Both are surrounded by positive thoughts and prepare so no problems. Unprocessed fears can extend up to nightmares. Brain researchers have found that arrange themselves in a dream nerve endings again and the brain by “maturing”. It refers in this context to newborns who spend half of their 16 hours-long sleep in the REM phase. While adults live only an average of five SEM periods of ten minutes duration per night. frequency and length of periods decrease with increasing age. to process the fewer new experiences are, the shorter the period of intense dreams. Although science and research, the key to human dream world has not yet been found, one thing is certain: Dream and sleep together and do the important job of body, mind and soul regenerate.