In a very simple way you can make his life even in everyday life healthier and happier. Already, the renunciation of the elevator that takes you from the ground floor each morning in the 5th floor of your office helps us to strengthen the condition. With our 8 Health Tips You’ll feel better soon!

First Wander more

Try every day to move a bit. This does not necessarily have to be jogging or cycling. Even in everyday life and professional life can be more active. This not only helps you get to a better condition, but also reduce stress.

¤Do you walk to work
¤Use stairs instead of an elevator, they
¤Take your dog to work a walk ausgibiegen
¤Go einaml dancing with your partner again
¤Second Avoid fat & fast food
¤Try on fatty foods, such as salami, bacon, chips to refrain). Avoid fast food ¤joints, or if you still do not get around to visit such a restaurant, order a salad.
¤Buy cheese and mayonnaise with reduced fat content.
¤Use Teflon frying pans, to thereby can reduced-fat cooking.


Third Cease to smoke

Smoking not only harms your health, it also costs you a lot of stamina. They will not cease from today to tomorrow with smoking, but you should set goals: Try every day / every week to smoke a cigarette less. You will see how proud you’ll soon be on it!

4th Reduce the stress

Especially in today’s professional life and the double burden of working mothers, the word “Reduce Stress” is not exactly easy to implement. But try to pack into each day in half an hour, do you spoil yourself or something that gives you joy: Take a relaxing bath, treat yourself to a Kaffeetrasch hear your neighbor, your music, massage can be. If you still feel the stress of the last energy robbing you treat yourself to a 2-mimütiges timeout. Count to 10 at rest and breathe deeply a few times. Imagine this pink clouds in front, where you glide sit entpannt.

5th Protect yourself from environmental toxins

Try to eat in smoke-free areas to convince your colleagues not to smoke in the office, but in designated smoking rooms, you spend much time in nature and in the fresh air.

6th Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

While studies demonstrates that a glass of wine a day helps you stay healthy, excessive alcohol consumption is harmful in the highest degree. Not only that alcohol attacks the liver and can cause liver cancer in the long run lead, is also known that die every drunken brain cells.

7th Think Positive

Many situations in life can often be viewed from a postiven or negative side. Try in every situation and to see the positive. If you are still not even able to force yourself to laugh. Even if you find it difficult, but it causes that your body is flooded with positive energy.

8th Rejoice in small things

Take the small pleasures of everyday life was. A small flower which ventured timidly through the concrete, a dog who runs to meet you, wagging its tail, the smile of the seller at the bakery or simply the warmth of the sun on a spring day. To enjoy it, being in the world!