Doctors order not lower our guard against a real risk. Too much cholesterol is measured from 250 mg / dl, but we recommend downloading to 200.

80% of the Spanish have the highest level of cholesterol if taken as recommended exposure limits of 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood total cholesterol. Many of those with high cholesterol are not addressed and there is a large percentage do not know your level is high.


High cholesterol in men and women over 35 years

The 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood total cholesterol are risk limits that are recommended today in Spain as the ultimate healthy. 80% of the Spanish than the desirable level of cholesterol . In this figure, 81% are men and 79% for women over 35 years. Although officially have cholesterol that equal or exceed 250, and then those affected are 43% of men and 40% of women.

Controlling cholesterol for a healthy heart

For your heart should control cholesterol, blood sugar and blood. The snuff, physical inactivity and cholesterol narrow the arteries. Cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in weight, the leading cause of death. And his influence is always vascular problems: less than 150 than 200 and more than 250 and even 300.

Dr. Luis Gutierrez Serantes, primary care physician and associate fixed during the last twelve years in space Living Learn program the morning of the 1 stated that ” 80% of the Spanish the problem of high cholesterol and that causes the arteries clogging “in statements today in the aforementioned TVE 1 morning show. Dr. Gutierrez added, ” When arteries become blocked blood does not flow and we have problems. Cholesterol is what makes the diameter of the artery clogging and will not miss the blood . ”

Good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL)

Luis Gutierrez said there are two types of cholesterol. ” There is a type of cholesterol that it does is just remove the fat in our artery, the good cholesterol (HDL), to take the liver . ” And there’s a bad cholesterol (LDL) that does the opposite: the liver leads to the artery and that is what makes the occurrence of atherosclerosis and clogged arteries. The villain causes plaque which is the that eventually blocks the flow of blood , “said Gutierrez. A more cholesterol, whatever it is, the more risk of making plaques that narrow blood vessels and thrombi manufacture that prevent blood from reaching the brain, the feet or the heart.

Blood tests to measure cholesterol

A high percentage of people not known to have cholesterol because it gives no symptoms . Joseph Mustard, Doctor of Internal Medicine Hospital Carlos III of Madrid, said in remarks published today on the website of La Vanguardia that ” the fact is that a good portion of those with untreated high cholesterol. ” Half are not diagnosed, and those who do are almost 20% are being treated. And of these, only a third have their cholesterol controlled . ”

” How many people does not hurt and it is high, the risk is trivialized, most leaves, is frequent confusion that this may be temporary, and no, it’s for life. And if you leave, returns to perform the risk “insists Joseph Mustard. Dr. Gurtiérrez reported that the population must be ” blood tests to measure cholesterol, which is very sencillito, we ask for total cholesterol, which should not exceed 200 milligrams per deciliter, then we have to look in the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol . ”

Healthy diet, ideal weight and exercise

Joseph Mustard said this morning in the program the morning of the 1 that ” There are many people who have high cholesterol, which does not mean that everyone should receive treatment for cholesterol, that’s obvious, but actually has no cholesterol desirable . ” To have an optimal cholesterol , mustard hue that what should be done to the whole population would reduce your cholesterol level ” is to raise awareness for a more adequate diet, especially that approaching the ideal weight and exercising often. I I think they are the three pillars basic primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol.

Reduce saturated fats

Dr Mustard said: ” Interestingly, what most increases cholesterol is not the actual content of cholesterol in foods such as occurs with the egg yolk but mainly found in saturated fats, fats mainly of animal origin . ” ” So Mustard-Joseph said a person should reduce the consumption of such fats. For starts to drink milk or semi skimmed, reduce the consumption of cheese and yet also reduce the consumption of many meats that have a high content of fat composition, especially the sausage . ” Dr Mustard said that ” There is also saturated fat, and that’s what people probably do not know, of vegetable origin. There are two fats that are oil palm and coconut oil, which are rich in fat and saturated found in the composition of pastries, biscuits many, many cakes “.

The doctor explained: ” They allow manufacturers to put made ​​with vegetable fat but is really a bad vegetable fat and therefore also have to reduce consumption of these foods. ” To lower cholesterol , medication, information and action against cholesterol health services and primary care physicians and a far superior knowledge of the population are causing the numbers of people with an index of cholesterol above the recommended decrease.