If you are an employer, then you have a lot of responsibilities regarding the health and safety of your staff. However, in truth, this covers only the absolute basics. There are a few things you can do that can make things much better for your employees – and they all make sound business sense. In today’s guide, we’re going to give you a few tips and ideas that will help you look after your staff better. Never forget that a healthy workplace is a more productive one – and there are plenty of rewards on offer.

healthier workplaceAllan Gottfried

Cover the basics

First of all, it is vital that your business covers all the basics before you start to add any extras. You have legal obligations as an employer, and any failure to comply could put your company in jeopardy. There are a few different ways of going about it. You could learn about all the rules yourself, of course – but there is an awful lot to consider, and it will be time-consuming. There are services out there that can help, too. Take these health and safety solutions by Peninsula Group, for example. They will ensure you are up to speed with all of your legal obligations. Finally, you could hire a business lawyer and an HR team. It is essential that you tick all the boxes – the consequences of not doing so can be catastrophic for your staff, you, and your business.

Encourage a fitter lifestyle

If you encourage people to get up and move around, it will bring plenty of benefits, such as a more productive workplace. You could organise gym membership, for example, or offer bonuses for people that walk part of the way to work. There are bicycle schemes, too, which you can look at and see if they are suitable. Take a look at the Government’s Cycle to Work program for more info.

Lay on healthy snacks

Provide fruit and healthy snacks at work desks, and people will eat them instead of going for chocolate and fatty food at the canteen. It will help keep their minds on the job, and they won’t suffer from sugar crashes, which can affect their performance. You could even speak to your catering company about offering a healthier range of food at lunchtimes.


Many of the most successful companies in the world provide Mindfulness classes for their employees. It’s a form of meditation that helps people forget about problems and concentrate on the here and now. There is a growing amount of evidence that it helps people focus, deal with change better, and become more productive. What business doesn’t want all of those things?

An open door policy

Of course, it’s important to keep a professional distance in your business. But, an open door policy can help you deal with problems before they begin to fester. All people have issues, either at work or home. And, of they feel like they can’t mention it to you, then it can lead to problems further on down the line. If you can be there for your staff, you can help them get work through their issues, and it will save you money in the long-term. Sick days, productivity issues, and much more can all be part and parcel of unhappy employees. Making sure they have an outlet for their problems will reduce these effects to a minimum.