Recovery is intriguing: you can plan for it, but you can’t plan how long it takes. It’s a process, and self-care is required. Who can you turn to? You can rely on your Higher Power, a supportive rehabilitation addiction community, and your own faith. Here are some helpful rules for the road.

1. Remember: Change Is the Only Thing We Know For Sure

Change is who we are, and it’s what we do. So many addiction problems come about because we are trying to control our life, our experience, and every single thing that happens to us. You find you’ll experience less stress, more relief, and a more stable life if you accept that change is a part of living and something that you can embrace rather than reject or avoid.

2. Practice Gratitude

Make gratitude your new BFF, forever. It’s important to remember how grateful you are that you’ve gone through the worst, that a rehabilitation addiction program is in progress, and the best is yet to come. Keep coming back to gratitude: it only works if you work it. Be grateful for this opportunity so many people don’t have.

3. Never Give Up, Give Out, or Give In

Give yourself permission to dream, feel good about who you are and where you are in the process, and allow yourself to make mistakes. For every 10 metaphorical jogging laps you take in life, remember to go for a couple of rest laps, walking it off at times, and finally resting.

Make sure you let yourself enjoy the full spectrum of experience so you can get back out there, enjoy what you do, and appreciate your earnest-hearted recovery.

4. Get Healthy

Take time to exercise-actually put it in your schedule. You’ll also want to incorporate long-term health regimens, such as doing yoga, eating a healthier diet, and allowing time for meditation, prayer, and quiet reflection in life. You made time for addiction before your rehabilitation addiction work.

So, now you can make time for feeling better as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with getting started, such as asking your doctor what kinds of exercise and lifestyle changes would be best for you specifically.

5. Pay It Forward

The fact that you’re willing and able to feel better, making it official by immersing yourself in recovery work, is already paying it forward: you benefit your friends, coworkers, family and even your neighbors, simply by committing to 100 percent sobriety.

Don’t let the music die there: reach out and help a brother or sister who is also in need and who’s behind you-even a little bit behind you-in terms of recovery.

Rehabilitation addiction matters: you’d be amazed how much you learn by teaching others. Just as you don’t have to go it alone, share that message of hope with others. Give and receive support, and you’ll find life rewards you with miracle after miracle. Recovery happens.