The 5 Foods enemy intelligence. Who would have thought that in order to preserve the brain and intellectual capacity, as well as read, learn and study, it is best to also pay attention to what you eat, what you bring to the table every day? Some unsuspected, known as other more decidedly unhealthy foods, here are the top 5 foods you should never eat, to avoid or to sip in the diet.

1. Desserts

Packaged cakes and hyper sugary ? Tasty, perhaps, but definitely a poor choice for the brain. Not only the excess sugars and calories, which often are the hallmarks of these confectionery products, from snacks and cakes ready, are likely to leave an indelible mark on the silhouette. Even the intelligence could accuse the blow too much sugar can be bad for your health and can lead to the development of neurological problems, with negative effects on the ability to memorize and learn.


2. Artificial sweeteners

Reduce sugar and, therefore, a green light to artificial sweeteners ? Not really. Products created in the table, synthesizing chemicals of various and often dubious nature, do not abuse of artificial sweeteners that can have deleterious effects on the efficiency intellect.

3. Junk food

The famous criticized but still too high, junk food, the junk food, so loved overseas, in addition to seriously endanger the health of the line and most of the parts of the body, the heart and the blood vessels passing through the liver and kidneys, can compromise also that of the brain. In fact, burgers, fries & co, Combined with sauces and condiments loaded with calories and fat, can cause an addiction dangerous source of anxiety and depression, thanks to the action taking place on dopamine.

4. Chips

Finger pointed at all the fried food, especially if pre-cooked and of dubious origin, but especially against the French fries, a favorite for lovers of the genre and the most widespread. The fried are sworn enemies of health and of the line, but also the brain, especially when the oil used for cooking is not changed. In fact, when the oil reaches high temperatures generally acrylic, a toxic substance throughout the body that exerts a negative effect on cognitive abilities.

5. The sausages

Better to limit the consumption of cured meats, rich in salt, dangerous for the cardiovascular system, and sodium nitrite, a substance involved, at least according to the latest scientific evidence in cognitive problems and brain cancer.