The idea that leave plenty of room for their emotions presents a feeling of freedom that reflects positively on the quality of life, according to research conducted by the University of Chicago, it would be wrong. should be happy to learn self-control, which should not be confused with the lack of outbursts or poor reflectivity. Self Control Who has self possesses the valuable ability to hold off the anger, fear and anxiety to decrease the flow rate and thus avoiding the consequences that could arise from the attitudes wrong that usually suggest. Being in control of your emotions is an enviable talent which should not be confused with the lack of outbursts or lack of affection, which are not appreciable and intended to provoke unease and insecurity in those who suffered. Having self-control is instead a guarantee of focus and respect for others and who has acquired and uses it, for sure he can establish relationships of love, friendship and work, solid, harmonious and lasting. Here are some rules that can help you gain greater mastery of oneself for the benefit of peace and the opportunity to improve their relationships.


Keep monitored all negative emotions

Have to call the various emotions with their name, for example if you are worried about something you have to focus on the negative emotion and then said “I’m scared” or “I am anxious.” When you learn to identify their own feelings, this is also true for positive emotions, whether good or bad, it becomes easier to master every single emotion.

Wondering where does the negative emotion

In this way you can then hope the critical moment; for example, if you suffer an injury rather than give space to the possible feeling of anger that you feel, you have to look for an excuse to act.

Prohibit himself aggressiveness

It important to be banned aggressive behavior or objectionable, such as raising his voice, slamming doors, cursing, insulting, throwing objects on the ground or raise their hands against someone. When we make violent gestures, you run the risk of less pleasure to others but most of all get to feel ashamed of himself.


Whenever a negative emotion tends to take over, we learn to relax. A rapid and effective technique is to breathe air slowly through the nostrils and then throw it out of his mouth. As you inhale imagine you have to inhale with the air of an amount of energy from the power soothing and revitalizing, as you exhale you must be thinking of throwing himself out of any negative feelings.