For many people, making the choice to have a more balanced diet and regular physical activity is not only related to the desire to lose weight. Indeed, fitness and lifestyle contribute greatly to lengthen life. Be in a better mood everyday and live healthier longer. For those who want to get in shape and stay, here are some things on which you can rely.

1 – Focus efforts to change lifestyle. choose Do not short of options such as a listing in the gym for a few months and then nothing. But go rather to the change in the optical long term. Like when you start your efforts to lose weight, focus more on the fact develop a healthy body for life instead of thinking I want to be thin now. the dual benefits of a larger vision will be to form good habits gradually and avoid returning once through your initial efforts.

2 – Perfect your style food until you find the menus that best fit into your tastes and foods that are slim . Consider a case in point: you hate green beans, no need to force them to eat. Include them in meals under the pretext that it is sound and should eat. It would be up to fail. Emphasize what you like. Take the ratio between pleasure and balanced meal diet .Go at your own pace, find a suitable feeding program and easy to follow daily. You will get faster results.


3 – Getting the sport once again, it is important to include regular physical activity into your life. Make a minimum of 3 times a week 45 min. If you opt for a gym, please register well before, this is what open relationship with your available time. Choose activities that you like to do such as: cycling, elliptical the running, swimming, etc. Include it in his schedule and stick to it as a rule.

4 – Do not forget to rest. The mistake most people make when trying to lose weight is to do too much, very fast. Take time to pause, your body will reward you a thousand times and your mind will be even stronger. Do not plan effective and timely fashion. A drastic diet a few weeks before the holidays do nothing to advance the long term. On the contrary if the changes do not take place over time, the baton will be back even stronger.

Learn how to make changes smoothly. Adopt good reflexes nutritious, banish bad habits. Make regular physical activity and do not forget to take a break and treat yourself by taking time for yourself.