I’ve already told you about deadly habits that have the ability to kill us in an instant. But our universe is balanced, so anything positive has to have a dark side – and vice versa. This is why even the healthiest and most nutritious foods have their downside. And deadly habits – the worse enemies of our health – have their good one. Today I’m going to go through a few positive health effects.

Smoking, the worst of deadly habits

The worst thing about smoking is that it kills you slowly (I should know, I’ve been smoking for 20 years). The amount of nicotine an average smoker downs a day is way over the deathly dose.

Smoking will destroy our lungs, affect our heart, and turn our fingers and teeth yellow. But, believe it or not, smoking has its share of positive health effects as well.

According to a study conducted by the University of Adelaide in Australia, smoking has a protective effect on our joints. The study found a correlation between smoking and the risk of total joint replacement surgery.

The study shows that those smoking for the longest were 50% less likely to undergo TJR surgery than men who never smoke.

Aside from protecting our joints (if even a little), smoking can lower the risk of obesity, Parkinson’s disease, and improve the chances to positively respond to certain treatments after a heart attack.

Alcohol, man’s best friend worst enemy

There are tons of articles about the benefits of various alcoholic drinks. But most of these benefits are due to their other ingredients – the flavonoids in wine, the vitamins and minerals in beer, and so on.

But alcohol itself – the very same substance that causes families to break up and livers to die early – has some positive effects on our health. If consumed in moderation, of course.

A School of Public Health at Harvard University study found that moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk of a series of heart issues, such as ischemic stroke, heart attack, and vascular disease. It apparently raises the level of HDL (good) cholesterol and improves blood clotting.

Alcohol consumption can also protect against erectile dysfunction, helps protect against the common cold, helps prevent gallstones and can protect against diabetes.

Eating butter

Is not choosing a low-fat diet a lifestyle choice or a bad habit? Replacing butter with margarine or other low-fat, plant-based spreads is a good choice, according to nutritionists. Butter has been bashed by many for its high percentage of saturated fats.

It was for a long time considered the worse enemy of our heart. But there are so many benefits to the yellowish-white stuff that you shouldn’t banish it from your diet.

Butter is filled with fat-soluble vitamins, it has antioxidants and selenium, and a series of other beneficial elements. Besides, it contains a healthy dose of “good” saturated fats, which raise HDL cholesterol levels.

Its short and medium-chain fats were proven to improve the feeling of satiety and even help fat burning. Butter (and other high-fat dairy products) have also been shown not to contribute to obesity.

On the contrary, the study states that “high-fat dairy consumption within typical dietary patterns is inversely associated with obesity risk”.

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