Not much different than last year and the year before, the influence, even in this season, but especially at the beginning of 2014, promises to affect millions of people worldwide. With such symptoms ? The usual and most annoying, such as fever or sore throat, but the influence is not certain and unavoidable eventuality, far from it. Here are some useful tips for prevention and to choose the remedies more effective if it was not enough ahead of the game.

All the symptoms

The flu is a very real problem of public health, which affects the winter season, from mid-October to mid-February, millions of people, adults, children and elders, with the risks and consequences of varying degrees. Among the typical symptoms of influenza include: cough, the fever, the sore throat, colds, sore muscles and joints, a headache, chills, fatigue and general malaise.


The infection prevention and

Blame the influenza viruses that attack the body, triggering the symptoms of influenza, full of unexpected coughing and sneezing continues. Transmission usually occurs by air: the virus uses as vehicles and improvised unaware drops of saliva of people affected, escaped because of coughing or sneezing , and in some cases, transmission may occur through hands contaminated by respiratory secretions. Prevention has two possible faces. You can prevent the infection or the onset of illness. On the first goal, some rules may be valid for life, such as washing hands frequently (especially after you cough or sneeze) with water and soap or gel sanitizers, always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, to surrender some day of isolation at home if the flu virus hit shift or use of protective masks in hospital environments. Ally more effective prevention of the occurrence of, however, is the flu vaccine , a trivalent vaccine, to be done before the peak of the flu season, between mid-October and one in December about.

The remedies useful

First, the rest : If you see the influence, a few days of bed rest, as well as to prevent transmission of the virus also facilitates healing. Very useful all symptomatic drugs, the antipathetic , to control the fever, and, in cases of persistent malaise, on the advice of the doctor, even the antiviral drugs , targeted to counteract the action of influenza virus on duty.