It’s not something that you get immediately and effortlessly, this must be clear. better to be realistic and not delude themselves then maybe demoralize, but losing the fat on your stomach is not a walk. Apart from specific exercises to concentrate on the abdominal , maybe read up or ask for help in the gym, you also need to follow and adopt few tips that will certainly help you, not only with regard to the supply but also for other types of problems. Let’s see what they are and what the various implications.

1) Make a plan Take a workout program and diet, just a healthy and balanced diet, exercises are important to do on a daily interval for the lap, but integrated with running 2 or 3 times a week. If you go to the gym, ask for help from a trainer. Do not overdo it, think about doing 200 abdominal per day is not good.


2) Make 5 meals a day If you ‘diet DIY’, know that you need to increase the number of meals (5 Make it) and so reduce the doses digested before and the food does not stop a lot of the stomach and intestines without causing swelling.

3) Drink must drink, drink as much because it helps the intestines to function properly, helps to remove toxins and fat also helps the whole body, especially drink to replenish lost fluids after exercise. Drink between meals, granted, indeed recommended, a glass of water before eating.

4) Abolish any type of carbonated beverage Although no sugar, light or any other artifice to not provide calories, carbonated beverages, however, swell, expand and this ends up on his belly, then water or natural fruit juice without sugar of course.

5) Do not let hunger Needless to stop eating, needless to skip the meal, you do not need, nor to lose weight ‘correctly’ or to lose the belly, absolutely prohibited!

6) Attention to posture A poor posture, as well as generate back problems or pain in other areas of the body does not properly work the muscles of the abdomen that is unsolicited ‘limp’.

7) Talk to your doctor Before embarking on diet, training or otherwise, if you are unsure if you are not in perfect shape, talk first with your doctor. Hear what do you think he certainly will take care of your health and know that a flat stomach but a compromised health is not the right price. Maybe your problem is not just belly fat but also to poor digestion and bowel irritation and only with some tests you’ll find out.

8) Do not give up! Be consistent do not have to give up, even if the results do not get them immediately, do not be put off, you still have to continue with your diet and your exercise.

9) Find an exercise buddy looking for a friend or a friend with whom to follow the program , is a great help to motivate each other and help each other when you do not want to make them.

10) Gratified Once a week, treat yourself to two squares of dark chocolate is not only sacrifice, you have to reward yourself if we were brave or maybe a soy pudding who has very few calories and looks like a real pudding. It feels better and further motivates you to continue.

As an aid, you can use a special cream to the problem of the elimination of fat on the abdomen typically feminine such as Vichy De stock stomach who can help in enhancing the efforts of your program.