10 remedies for stress, say goodbye to stress and anxiety , to keep at a safe distance the worst nightmare of modern times. From the rules to be followed at the table, to avoid worsening the concerns and further unnecessarily burdening the stomach, to the small tips to put into practice every day, when stress is likely to exceed the alert level. Here are the top ten best allies against stress.

1. The right diet
Better to regularize the power to keep out anxieties and tensions. Green light for balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, fiber and minerals.

2. Move!
Against stress and anxiety, better get moving. The sport helps to ease tensions, to discharge the negative energy and find the positive: simply just a jog or a walk in the park, a swimming session or steps for the purpose.

3. Beneficial yoga
It teaches you to breathe better by controlling agitation and anxiety, but also to regain balance and calm, serenity and relaxation , the yoga is a real cure for stress. Numerous positions perfect for the purpose, that of the child up to that of the shaft, that relaxing the muscles relax also tensions and anxieties.


4. A healthy night’s sleep
The sleep is the best ally is to recharge energy and desire to do is to release tension and anxiety. Good sleep helps to restore balance and well-being, to put aside the stress and rediscover clarity and serenity.

5. More relaxation for all
Relax beneficial to nerves and psyche. Be it massages or thermal treatments, aromatherapy or biofeedback any means is permitted to gain a good dose of serenity. A little ‘time to themselves, to find peace and tranquility.

6. A help from nature
In nature there are many useful remedies against stress, to be taken in the form of infusions or teas: the passion , which has anxiolytic and sedative properties; the hawthorn anxiolytic and relaxing; the ‘ St. John’s Wort can boast an antidepressant action, sedative and calming perfect to control anxiety and stress; valerian, sedative, tranquilizer and sleep-inducing; the classic chamomile , soothing and relaxing; which contains the Proserpina a substance by the action sedative and hypnotic.

7. Delegating!
Although many women, queens, and a little ‘slaves multitasking , struggling to believe it, delegate it is not a crime, indeed. It’s a great way to hold on health.

8. Schedule of commitments
Calendar commitments and write a list of things to do during the day can be quite useful. It is to have the situation under control, limiting stress and anxiety, both to avoid overcharge.

9. Good music
The music , listen to it, why not sung, it is a valuable ally to keep out unnecessary stress and tension.

10. A sweet break
A sweet, whether it be a piece of cake or a chocolate is at the sole discretion of the stressed turn, can help you control stress.