There are some foods enemies of sleep , which does not allow us to sleep well. Proper nutrition should take this into account, given that count on a regular sleep is essential for satisfactory and contribute to our overall well-being. L ‘ insomnia can become a problem, which requires the implementation of specific solutions. In this sense of snoring, a diet right has a major role, not to be overlooked. But which foods are in each case? Cafes and especially then, maybe someone does not know, even the chocolate , steak and high-protein meals, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty. If you want to indulge in the arms of Morpheus, avoid these foods.

1. Coffee

And well known that the coffee measurably influence to cause insomnia . Blame the caffeine , which is capable of acting in the body even after a few hours. That’s why it would not only avoid coffee in the evening, but also what you take in the course of the afternoon. Caffeine is able to increase the level of adrenaline and noradrenaline by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system with exciting effects: increased heart rate and release of glucose by the liver.

2. Chocolate

We must not forget that even if we limit the consumption of coffee, even chocolate is a source of caffeine , especially the dark one. Of course not to say that a piece can not be good, but it certainly is better not to overdo it, considering the significant caloric intake.


3. Meat

The meat is not recommended for dinner, especially if it is consumed late at night. Unlike what many people think, our body is not designed to digest while we sleep. In particular, in this sense, will encounter difficulty in digestion of proteins , which are synthesized in a more complex way than the other nutrients. You should stay up for at least half an hour after eating.

4. Citrus

The citrus fruits are not enemies of good sleep. In fact, they help to increase the ‘ stomach acid and this does not constitute a premise ideal for anything to fall asleep.

5. Alcohol

It is thought that the ‘ alcohol may play an important role in promoting sleep, but you have to be careful. The wine stimulates the numbness, but it makes problems subsequent stages of sleep , not favoring the rest crucial for memory and motor skills. If one gets a sense of nagging fatigue .

6. Fatty foods

Do you think a delicious piece of cheese is what we want for dinner? You should think again, because the fatty foods may cause some problems. They are rich in orexin, a hormone neuro peptide that stimulates appetite and wakefulness.

7. Spicy foods

Should be limited even spicy foods , such as, for example, Tabasco or mustard. Just these two foods have been the subject of a separate study, which demonstrated how they can have an effect on sleep. Specifically, the spicy foods cause a change in body temperature, which leads the brain in a sort of “confusion” regarding the rhythms of the rest.

8. Water

To some it may seem strange, but also the ‘ water , if drunk in large quantities before falling asleep, it may cause some consequence. If nothing else, you are forced to get up and run to the bathroom. The same effect have the tea or foods that contain many liquids, such as, for example, l ‘ watermelon . Best to limit fluids at least two hours before falling asleep.

9. Sausages

It is not very easy to resist the taste of sausages. Yet we should limit ourselves on this front. Sausage, bacon, pork and sausages abound in tyramine, which causes the brain to produce a substance that can make us wake up.

10. Energy drinks

It should not be abusing energy drinks , if you want to look after a rest without interruption. Many of these drinks contain taurine . The latter is an amino acid that is able to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and alertness.