10 terrible consequences of stress. Because, for those who do not already know, or at least not suspected, stress can really make bad jokes. In fact, if you do not keep under control the levels of anxiety and tension, the risk is that degenerate unleashing a series of side effects often worse than the underlying causes of stress. That is, there is an annoying problem for stresses of work and as a result, there will ruin the digestion or sleep, physical fitness or skin. Here’s the video often, the 10 consequences of stress to put into account.

1 Stress tired
Stress tired . And yet a lot. Why pass the adrenaline of the first moments, dissolved the tensions that hold attention, the risk of finding themselves, for alarm returned, terribly exhausted, or even exhausted.

2 Problems with libido
The brain has pledged to resolve the reason for triggering stress, emotions are confused and clarity falters. But above all, in conditions of high stress, you may lose sight of some aspects of life, personal and torque. And the libido is likely to be scarce negatively affecting the inner life.

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3 Digestion is affected
Many somatizing stresses and tensions that occur, so annoying, with digestion problems, stomach ache and digestive difficulties of various kinds, ranging from nausea to vomiting to constipation, acidity of the stomach and gastritis.

4. marks on the skin
The tension is not good, even to the skin. The color is off, the light is scarce and they make their way very bad side effects and skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and acne, just to name a few.

5 Farewell memory
When there is a heavy load of stress or a prolonged period of anxiety is a risk, not too remote, is that the brain goes haywire, refusing to guarantee the efficiency of some of its functions. Memory in the first place.

6. fat
Stressandosi, paying little attention to themselves, they eat in an unregulated manner, doing little physical activity is highly likely that you will get fat.

7 The sleepless nights
Worries and tensions, stress and anxiety are definitely deleterious elements for the rest, sworn enemies of good sleep.

8 The effects on hair
Even the foliage is affected by stress. The tensions and worries weaken the hair, they get worse brightness and shine.

9 Backache
Accumulate tension is bad for your health . Also that of the back, because the emotional and psychological tensions can be translated also in muscle tension.

10 Headache
One of the most frequent consequences of stress is a headache that can occur in several possible versions, headache the most common headache.